New York Constructions 101: On Building Permits and Certifications

Posted on August 27, 2019

Building a new property is a huge endeavor in terms of many different aspects. From the property owner’s end, the construction requires a considerable amount of fortune and effort in finding the right professionals to entrust the project with. Moreover, property owners need to ensure that everything is done according to the guidelines of the Department of Buildings. Building a house in New York City for example, was never an easy feat. Even if it was a simple NYC renovation, it will never be an easy feat; and one of the things most homeowners find challenging to do is applying for the appropriate permits and approvals. So if you are planning to do a major NYC renovation, read through the following list of things to know about applying for building permits and certifications:

Why do you need a building certification or approval? – Certification to build is your and your neighbors’ assurance that your property complies with the city’s construction standards. As you know, when talking about infrastructure, even if it was your own house, your neighborhood will nonetheless be affected in case it does not follow the structural soundness and fire safety codes. Hence, it is important that you complete the paperwork before starting with construction to assure the rest of your building team and the neighborhood that your project will be a safe one.

Where do you get a certification and how much should you pay? – There are designated Building Departments in every town or village in NYC. The fee will depend on the type and scope of work as well as the Building code requirements. The total amount of fees to be paid will be determined by an estimated from the corresponding Department of Buildings borough office.

When do you need to apply for a certification? – You need to apply for a building certification once there are major changes to the properties that may affect its total resale value. This will include both new constructions and remodeling projects. You will need to file the certifications in order to have the assurance that your project will be compliant to the plumbing, electrical, and structural safety standards by the Department of Buildings.

Building a property in New York City is a huge investment; and when you are investing a considerable amount of fortune into something, you might as well want to make sure that it is worth all the effort and resources, and that it will be a sturdy, safe and functional property.

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