New York Kitchen Renovation: Choice Kitchen Themes

Posted on October 20, 2019

Themes within kitchens offer more than just visual appeal as a properly executed theme can also promote a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for cooking. New York kitchen renovation should not be hindered by your current living space or location; you shouldn’t hesitate to let your creativity flow.  It shouldn’t matter if you live within a 70’s style apartment building or a Victorian themed townhouse – the interior of your home need not be governed by the exterior.

Implementing a kitchen theme is tricky business; the best way to start would be by implementing your chosen theme in soft and subtle degrees in order to avoid making your kitchen look gaudy. There are plenty of different styles to choose from and countless ways to customize each one. Here are a few examples of popular themes to work into your New York kitchen renovation project.

New England theme

A classic choice, this type of kitchen can mainly be found in coastal towns like Nantucket. This theme carries a certain cozy and homey charm. To implement a basic New England theme, hand paint your cabinets and cupboards in shades ranging along vanilla cream, olive green, or shallow pond blue and pair it with a woodblock countertop in shades of oak.  You’ll need to matching plank flooring and large wall tiles in neutral shades to pull off this theme.


Offering a very welcoming and attention grabbing look, we have the Tuscan kitchen theme. Originating from Italy, this theme is ideal for large families. Tuscan kitchen themes consist of warm earth themed colors like terracotta, Amaranth, and light wood colors. Backsplash designs are usually colored in thistle yellow, royal blue, or smooth bronze. The majority of other fixtures and accents are in neutral cream tones and are comprised of a select few items of Italian pottery.

French country

A French country theme mixes elements of a rustic country home with a classy and grandeur charm. You can also try giving your cupboards or cabinets a distressed look to give your kitchen some extra flair. For the floors, try stone or slate and consider using black countertops with backsplashes utilizing earth themed colors.

Greek Island

For something more modest, consider a Greek island theme. Pick simple wooden cabinets and give your door a daring sapphire blue paint job and match it with the countertops by giving it blue tiles. For the backsplash, use a neutral white color and give the floors terracotta tiling. Pair everything along with earthenware and white accents upon open shelving.

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