New York Kitchen Renovation: Light Up Your Kitchen

Posted on October 20, 2019

The kitchen has always been one of the busiest rooms within the average home. Getting proper lighting for such a busy area just seems like the right thing to do. Proper lighting will reduce the number of accidents, make it easier to prepare meals, and will also make the kitchen more visually appealing. With all the advantages which come with lighting, you can’t afford not to have your kitchen properly lit.

There are so many different ways to light up your kitchen, you need not worry about making the place seem dull like a corporate office; placing the lighting in strategic areas and a few tweaks in the design will make your kitchen cozier and more conducive to preparing meals.

New York kitchen renovation experts can tackle the lighting situation in your kitchen in a lot of different ways. They will into account the current design of your kitchen and only install lighting which will complement your kitchen. They will know the best areas to place lighting to improve the atmosphere in your cooking area, as well as your dining area.

Work light

The most important thing is always safety. Working in a kitchen entails being surrounded by knives and appliances which can cause fires. You’re going to want to be able to see properly in the kitchen. When installing work lights, be sure to have them come from directly above and never at an angle so that nothing casts distracting shadows. The positioning is also important; consider placing lights underneath cupboards.


It would be a good idea to use halogen bulbs in downlights to provide a clean and encompassing glow. Pair it with a dimmer switch to be able to adjust the atmosphere in the entire room. A great way to have interchangeable atmospheres would be to install multiple dimmers so as to be able to create multiple layered lighting effects.

Lighting highlights

New York kitchen renovation experts will take full advantage of the fact that proper lighting can veer the attention towards certain features in the kitchen while detracting the eye from the bad features you’d like to have ignored.

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