Your Bathroom Showroom Checklist

Posted on July 21, 2019

A checklist is important in any remodeling project. Whether you are remodeling your living room or your bathroom, you will need a list of the things needs to change. If you live in the New York area, then you’re in luck. You can easily check out a NYC bathroom showroom to see what the market currently has to offer.

Before going to a bathroom showroom, take a good look at your bathroom. Pay close attention to the things that you want to change. Are you getting tired of your bathroom taps? Would you like a new showerhead? Do you want a tub with more features than the one you currently own? Check out your needs and make a complete list of the things that you are interested in adding or replacing.

Once you have a tentative list, you should start considering your budget. How much money can you spare for bathroom renovation? Once you have crunched the numbers, you can head down to a bathroom showroom.

When you get to the bathroom showroom, take out your list and start looking at the options available. Go over each item in your list and check out the models that are available in the showroom. You can list down multiple options if you like. You should also take note of the price for each item you are considering. This will help you find items that fit your budget. Once you get home, go over the things you have written down and tally the prices. If a specific item is too expensive, then choose from the other options in your list that are more affordable. Don’t forget to consider the installation costs for each item. Soon enough, you will be able to enjoy the bathroom of your dreams while still having some money left over for other things.

Visit KBR‘s NYC kitchen showroom or our NYC bathroom showroom at 250 Fifth Avenue, suite 200 New York, NY to get some ideas for your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling.

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